Our mission is to deliver quality medical services to patients by providing them with the utmost compassion, courtesy and professionalism.

Meet Our Doctors

  • Marianna Tereschenko, O.D

    Marianna Tereschenko, O.D

    Dr. Marianna Tereschenko is a graduate of Fordham University at Lincoln Center where she earned a B.A. in Natural Science. She received her Doctor of Optometry degree from the State University of New York College of Optometry.

  • Dr. Alexander Movshovich

    Dr. Alexander Movshovich

    Movshovich is an  Associate Professor at Cornell's Weil School of Medicine and is amongst a few physicians specializing in the most complicated cataract surgeries, including cases with pseudoexfoliation, secondary intraocular lens implantation, etc. 

What our patients say

  • Dr. Movshovich and Dr. Tereschenko are highly-educated and very pleasant people. When you come to their office - it feels like home. Everybody is smiling and always willing to give you the best service they can. The wait time is about 10-15 minutes which is the shortest wait time I've ever experienced. Both of the doctors are dedicated to their work and provide patients with the care they need. You don't have to wait for months to get an appointment at this place. They work one day a week until 7 pm and also the 3rd Saturday of month, which is also very convenient, so you don't have to leave early from work during the week. It's a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED office to go and get care you need!

    Sviatlana Y ,

  • The staff and the doctors here are great. I did an initial consultation and l was a candidate. They are incredibly skilled and great at taking care of serious eye problems. Dr. Mariana treated me. She is very focused on helping her patients. I would encourage anyone with an eye problem to see this eye care center for help. Thanks

    Sheila C ,

  • I went here this morning and the doctor - I wish I remembered to ask for her name - was awesome. She was so detail-oriented and noticed something about my eyes that no doctor previously did. Basically I need weaker contacts than glasses because the contacts are up on my eyes and my preference is stronger for glasses but I don't need that for contacts. She had me try a weaker contact prescription and it ended up being perfect. She also asked about how my eyes have been and got me to realize that the redness I've been having in the morning may not be from my contacts but rather from a sensitivity to the solution I've been using. She gave me a sample of a different kind of solution and it feels awesome. I've never written an eye doctor review before but she was definitely worth opening the Yelp app.

    Katie L ,